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Sportswear Undergarment Combines Fashion & Function.

Blake Barlow, CP, FAAOP, Oklahoma City, OK, has patented a one-piece utility garment with dual purpose: fashion and function for amputees. Barlow, a sportsman, amputee, and ACA lifetime member, created the design to provide a smooth transition from traditional underwear and the separate application of a residual limb sock.

    "The functional advantages are 75% reduction in pinching, bunching, slipping, sliding, rotation, pistoning, and having to remove the prosthesis to recover the limb sock, " Barlow says, adding that the garment will also help pardon boils, cysts, and other ground reaction forces transmitted via two separate garments.

    Fashionable advantages include increased self-esteem and a feeling of "wholeness" by changing the perception of stump socks to custom-design sportswear. Available now, the garment can be made of a special fabric, in multi-colors and may be prescribed and custom-fitted by your prosthetist.


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